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These days we seem to bump into start-up companies everywhere: they rule the
newspapers and online portals, and their spokesmen even appear on TV! But what
exactly is a start-up company?

If you browse through the myriad of definitions start-ups have, you’ll soon see that
everyone has their own little interpretation of the term. And that’s exactly why we’ve
chosen this interesting, ambivalent and often contradictory topic as our main focus for
our second TedxSalon event this year!

Some people attach measurable parameters to start-ups, based on age, profitability and
number of employees, whilst others emphasize that it’s necessarily technology-related.
Although there’s no exact, universally-accepted definition, in reality a start-up is a
feeling. It’s not merely a business model defined by numbers, but somewhat of a state
of mind! It’s the relentless work with the promise of tremendous growth, seasoned with
the excitement of making immediate impact.

Curious to know more? Join us on the 22 nd of May as we discover the exciting culture of
start-ups, through the eyes of local teams as well as from the perspective of world-
famous companies!